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The Better Way to Build: The Benefits of Design-Build Construction

What business wouldn’t choose a building process that offers opportunities to save money, to reduce construction time, to allow customization, to optimize quality, and to streamline the entire experience?

No hands raised in the audience? That comes as no surprise to all of us at Lacy Construction. We’ve worked with hundreds of clients since 1946, and these key advantages are just what every one of our clients has valued.

By: Jerry Huismann On 02/15/2018

Concrete or Steel Construction? Now You Don’t Have to Choose

In construction, the best ways to reduce expense typically involve cutting either material costs or the time required for the building process. But what if you could do both?

Today, the Lacy Construction team is excited about a brand new process that we’ll soon be offering to our clients. Called “Hi-Tech Tilt™,” the technology involves integration of structural metal studs with wire mesh embedded in standard concrete slab. The slab can be utilized for both floors and walls with load-bearing capabilities.

By: Jerry Huismann On 02/07/2018

Back to School for Lacy Construction

The first day of classes at Starr Elementary School in Grand Island, Nebraska was an exciting time for students and staff. This past August, 500 eager young learners and their teachers officially christened a brand new, beautiful school.

By: Jerry Huismann On 01/04/2018

Lacy Construction Project Named to the 2017 Varco Pruden Hall of Fame

Friesen Ford

Aurora, Nebraska
Scope: New 18,751-square-foot auto dealership
Architect: Emsick Architects
Project Completion: November 2015

The building features a combination of burnished block and horizontal wall panels to accent Varco Pruden’s Panel Rib™ wall panels and SSR™ roof system. The building also includes a glass storefront for the showroom with the new Ford branded entryway.

By: Jerry Huismann On 12/07/2017


Company’s 70-Year-Old History Earns It a Special Construction Company Profile in The June 2016 Edition

When leaders need to stay on top of North America’s trillion-dollar construction industry, they turn to Construction Today magazine, a must-read publication about best practices, timely issues and major contractors in the construction business. The magazine reaches nearly 400,000 readers, so it’s a monumen

By: Jerry Huismann On 07/01/2016
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