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What Influences Construction Costs the Most?

There are many factors that influence the cost of construction. Some are obvious: land acquisition, permits, material and labor costs. Then there are the future costs or lifecycle costs to consider: maintenance, repair, replacement—the cost of keeping the facility and its systems up and running over the life of the building.

But time is money, and a poorly run project, or one that does not meet the owner’s specifications or budget from the start, will result in delays. This means the owner can't occupy the building on schedule and the cost of the overall project increases.

One of the most effective ways to control construction costs is to establish early involvement on behalf of the owner, the designer and the contractor. This may seem obvious, but under the traditional method of construction delivery, the owner commissions an architect or engineer to prepare drawings and specifications, then separately selects a contractor by negotiation or competitive bidding at a later stage in the project’s development.

This can present a number of problems for the owner.

Can the design be built for the proposed budget and within the desired timeframe? If the project needs to go back to the drawing board, how many months will be lost? What if the architect and contractor disagree? How many contracts need to be managed by the owner?

By: Jerry Huismann On 06/19/2018

Wood River Municipal Swimming Pool Nearing Completion

Everyone at Lacy Construction is looking forward to May. That’s when one of our projects currently under construction—the Wood River Municipal Swimming Pool—will open to a crowd of eager children and parents.

The Wood River Pool is an exciting new amenity that is owned and operated by the City of Wood River, Nebraska.

Known for its friendly small-town ambience, Wood River has city leaders who work hard to provide big time amenities like an excellent school system, impressive downtown library, and soon a $5.6 million recreational pool with many special features.

The heated pool will offer a raft water slide, a lazy river feature, a splash pad, two diving boards, including a three-meter board at the deep end, and a crawl-across feature. The pool also has a zero depth entry area for toddlers, as well as swimming lanes for competition by teens in the summer. A vortex inside the lazy river will keep rafts moving—in fact, it’s the first one in Nebraska. Across from the zero entry area, an ADA lift will assist handicapped persons into the swim area of the pool. Plans call for shaded canopy areas surrounding the pool, where parents can keep tabs on children and where families can enjoy cold drinks, ice cream, and other treats from the snack bar.

By: Jerry Huismann On 03/27/2018

Lacy Construction Completes Expansion at Barr Middle School

Lacy Construction recently completed the remodel and expansion of Barr Middle School in Grand Island, Nebraska. The $12 million project for the Grand Island School District, involved the addition of 36,300 square feet of space and a remodel of the existing school building, which is located at 602 West Stolley Park Road.

Specifically, we updated the gymnasium with new basketball and volleyball courts, and installed a rubber floor system in both the gymnasium and nearby corridors. All rooms were equipped with new variable air volume (VAV) systems and we added a three-level stair tower to facilitate safe egress in the event of a fire. Construction was completed in four stages to avoid disruptions and to ensure the safety of Barr Middle School’s students and staff.

By: Jerry Huismann On 03/08/2018

The Better Way to Build: The Benefits of Design-Build Construction

What business wouldn’t choose a building process that offers opportunities to save money, to reduce construction time, to allow customization, to optimize quality, and to streamline the entire experience?

No hands raised in the audience? That comes as no surprise to all of us at Lacy Construction. We’ve worked with hundreds of clients since 1946, and these key advantages are just what every one of our clients has valued.

By: Jerry Huismann On 02/15/2018

Concrete or Steel Construction? Now You Don’t Have to Choose

In construction, the best ways to reduce expense typically involve cutting either material costs or the time required for the building process. But what if you could do both?

Today, the Lacy Construction team is excited about a brand new process that we’ll soon be offering to our clients. Called “Hi-Tech Tilt™,” the technology involves integration of structural metal studs with wire mesh embedded in standard concrete slab. The slab can be utilized for both floors and walls with load-bearing capabilities.

By: Jerry Huismann On 02/07/2018