Office construction, bank construction … we build it all

Commercial construction projects are the cornerstone of Lacy Construction’s 70-year-old story. Bank construction, office construction, retail construction … it’s all Lacy’s forte.

Office building design

Don't overlook the importance of good office building design. Over the past 70 years, we've constructed hundreds of buildings, and because we've stayed on the leading edge of products and techniques, we've helped keep business costs down through design that maximize operations and bolsters energy efficiency. Plus, a snazzy building makes a great impression.

Bank construction, retail construction …

Commerical construction galore. At Lacy, our projects run the gamut, from bank construction to retail construction and everything in between. We know how to build secure buildings, and we know plenty about dressing up retail space. Plus, we understand the bottom dollar, so we strive to deliver quality commercial construction management that will keep your project on budget.

Put Lacy Construction to work for you

From small office building design to global headquarter construction, there isn’t a commercial construction project too small or large for our team to tackle. Lacy has the construction experience, along with industry partners, needed to make your commercial project outshine any competitor. Give us a call to get started on your construction bid today.