Case Studies

Nova-Tech, Inc | Lacy Construction Company

Nova Tech


Year: 2011

Size: 50,000 Sq. Ft.

Contract Value: $5.6 million

Production of large animal replacement fluids requires some specialty manufacturing processes. In turn, these manufacturing processes also demanded some special construction methods, most notably the construction of a contaminant free clean room environment.

Some of the key points that made this project unique are
1) Cleaning a spec building before construction began 
2) Constructing manufacturing clean rooms around existing construction 
3) No model for basis of design was available, requiring close work to learn their systems and work patterns 
4) Building a Clean Room Environment that will meet strict regulations and inspection standards

The building is a 50,000 square foot facility and the clean rooms occupy approximately 6% of the total building. Our Design-Build team, along with the Owner Team, put in long hours to bring the right solution to Nova Tech—one that gives a World Class Animal Health Pharmaceuticals manufacturer a World Class home. If you need a world class home, call Lacy Construction Company to provide you the best solution.