Cutting-edge medical construction and design solutions

We understand that the market pressure and fierce competition driving your healthcare construction project must be balanced with ever-increasing capital expenses. As your medical construction and design partner, we find solutions that keep capital down, and we will deliver a facility that meets your needs today and keeps you ahead of your competition tomorrow.

Adaptable hospital construction

Hospital construction is complex, in part because the healthcare industry is constantly changing to adapt to technological advances and its customers’ changing needs. Your facility needs to be built to handle rapid change, not just modifications. At Lacy Construction, we work on the leading edge of medical construction and design. We’re constantly innovating to ensure your facility supports your ability to serve your patients’ needs for years to come.

Control healthcare construction costs

Lacy Construction has been in the hospital construction business for a long time. We know how to manage expenses while maintaining quality. We start by assembling a team of designers and builders who make it their job to understand your facility’s requirements. The experience of your team will match the scope of your project, and each individual will be savvy enough to identify and eliminate potential pitfalls before additional costs are incurred.

Put Lacy Construction to work for you

From clinics to hospitals, from daycare facilities to nursing homes, we understand the challenges that medical personnel face everyday, and more importantly, we know how to overcome the obstacles. Lacy has the team members, construction experience and industry partnerships that will make your project a success. Give us a call. We’re here to help turn your hospital construction design or healthcare construction project into reality.