It all starts with sustainable building design, materials and practices

At Lacy Construction, we’re proud of our client list. From commercial to industrial, from healthcare to hospitality, from schools to churches, we’re proud of our impressive construction portfolio because there’s one thing that ties it all together — quality construction. At Lacy, we’ve learned that craftsmanship practiced over time yields fine woodwork, tight joins and perfect alignment.

The craft of quality construction — part science, all heart

We consistently deliver quality building services to every client, every time, using the right tools for the right job. From metal building construction to the use of decorative concrete, we utilize best-practice construction methods no matter the application. In short, we pride ourselves on continued training and professional development so that our staff can make the right construction choices to meet your project requirements. We can even help with building design, material specifications and project estimates. The science and art of quality construction comes together with Lacy Construction’s commitment to using the latest technology to improve efficiency, accountability and accuracy.

At Lacy Construction, we also pride ourselves on using sustainable building materials, which includes insulated concrete framework. This high-tech construction product conserves energy, is durable enough for the toughest conditions and helps us deliver on our company’s promise to deliver sustainable building practices.

In the end, we combine experience, training, technology and only the best materials to make sure we get the job done right the first time, unlike other builders who occasionally achieve it by chance. At Lacy Construction, quality is non-negotiable.